Asrama Haji Pondok Gede

It was a precious experience to accompany my daughter to join an English Speech contest heldĀ  in Asrama Haji Pondok Gede. The competition was going on for two days; September 24th – September 25, 2011. The experience left an invaluable lesson and benefit for both my daughter and me.

For my daughter: It was a pride as she could overcome all obstacles from the elimination stage from sub-district, the municipality, and the province. She was then appointed to represent the province to compete with other contestants from other provinces in Indonesia. It was surely tough work to do as she would contend with other participants who, definitely, had outstanding ability. She had to work hard, practice vigorously and prepare everything to meet the standard as a participant for the national level. However, the hardest thing to do was to gain the confidence as she was still so young that she could be nervous and feel inferior when standing on the stage before a lot of audience.

For me: It was a rare opportunity to see contestants from other provinces demonstrate their ability to deliver a speech with their expression, style and comprehension of what they were delivering. I could learn how the mentors motivated and guided their students and could ask them how they prepared their children before being sent to compete. A lot of things could be learned from them. This would be very useful for me as a trainer of Speech contest.

As the instructor as well as the father of one of the English speech contestants I underwent a heard beating moment. My heart throbbed when my daughter was stepping to the stage. I held my breath as she was standingĀ  on the stage staring all the audience. I was scared if she could not pass the air from the stomach through the vocal cord due to nervousness. But when she made a high pitch voice to greet the audience, I felt so relieved and could breath normally. My daughter had been able to overcome the most difficult part in competing, the mental distress.

So although she did not win the competition but my wife and I were so proud of her. She could go to the final stage. It meant that she was one among the seven finalist after passing the elimination stage.

Pondok Gede




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