About Karanglo


Klaten is a regency located to the east of Yogyakarta and to the west of Solo. The two cities are well-known all over the world for their palaces and traditions. The distance from Klaten to Yogyakarta and Solo are 30 and 35 kilometres away respectively. This vantage point makes this prolific district a strategic position which, in the end, get some advantages from its position. All buses and trains from Yogyakarta to Solo vice versa will automatically pass this beautiful region. Buses going to these cities pass every three minutes so it can be imagined how busy the route is.


Karanglo is a village about 2 kilometres away from the downtown of  Klaten. Despite its proximite distance, Karanglo is not lucky enough to relish advantages from its position. This is due to the non-existence of public transportation from the downtown. People who want to go there from Yogyakarta or Surakarta can take a bus and get off at the terminal or sub-terminal in Tegalyoso but the later is more convenient. From neither of these two place are there any public transport. But they can take becak (pedicab) paddled by a man but there is no fixed rate so we have to bargain. Or we can also rent  a cart hauled by a horse if we gef off at the terminal. Or if we have friends there we can call them to collect us and take us to Karanglo. The good this is that though there is not public transport, by taking either kind of transport we can enjoy beautiful scenery all the way to the exotic village.

Karanglo is surrounded with large rice fields which  turn green when rice is growing, creating such beautiful and picturesque scenery. People are so friendly that just by smiling at them they will greet you or at least smile back to you. If you ask for direction or someone’s address they will kindly help you for the information. If you are a western person you will get a special treatment as they hardly ever see a foreigner, therefore they will be very happy and proud of giving you some assistance.

People there lead simple lives. They make their lives by being civil servants, peasants, merchants, company workers, fowl breeders, and construction workers. It belongs to Kelurahan (the smallest government unit) of Karanglo, Sub-district Klaten Selatan, Klaten regency. It is quite a big village with approximately two hundred houses with a population of  about 900 people. There is a stream winding around the village in which water flows the whole year. In rainy season it will be full with water but in dry season water springs along the steam will supply it with clean, fresh water.

Karanglo is really convenient place to live in. There is no public transport passing this area but people have no problem to travel as all people there have their own means of transportation such as bicycles, motorbike, and cars. There is fierce competition to get jobs because of insignificant amount of companies in comparison with the workforce, consequently, most of the young leave it for big cities like Jakarta, Surabaya or Semarang for better chance of getting jobs. As a result, the people living in this village now are mostly the old and children.


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